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2020-2021 School of Law Honor Roll of Donors

The Washburn University Alumni Association and Foundation and Washburn University School of Law extend their gratitude to each and every donor. Every gift makes a difference at Washburn Law. The Honor Roll of Donors is a way to recognize those who made gifts of more than $250 to Washburn Law during the fiscal year July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021. You can also view a list of all donors by class year. 

The Dean’s Circle recognizes donors giving $1,000 or more each year to Washburn Law. Members are invited to select events at the law school and around the country. They are also recognized on a donor plaque, prominently displayed in the lobby of the Washburn Law building. Membership is renewable on an annual basis.

The Washburn University Alumni Association and Foundation and Washburn Law have made every effort to ensure the information in the Honor Roll of Donors is as complete and accurate as possible. However, if errors have occurred, please contact us in regard to inaccurate information. 

Luminaries - $50,000+

John F. Bergner, '82

Prof. James M. Concannon

M. Wayne*, '60, and Carolyn J. Davidson

Lawrence A., '68, and Lois K. Dimmitt

Dane G. Hansen Foundation

Cynthia G. Heath

James W. Sloan*, '52

Kent P., '66, and Karen S. Smith

Jacqueline Summerson

Sunderland Foundation


dignitaries - $25,000 - $49,999

John T. Bird, '74

William D., '56, and Charlene S. Bunten

Crossland Construction Co., Inc.

John C. Dicus

Richard C. Hite*, '53

Thomas J. and Pam Romig

Jeffrey F. Whitham, '79


dean's cabinet - $10,000 - $24,999

Arizona Foundation for Educational Advancement


S. Lucky, '78, and Pamela A. DeFries

The Hon. Robert J. Dole, H'85, H'69, '52

Dr. Paul B. and Rita C. Etzel

David A. Fenley, '79

Fleeson, Gooing, Coulson & Kitch, L.L.C.

Beth A. Forwalder, '85

Foulston Siefkin LLP

John C. Frieden, '67

S. Jack Glaves*, '50

Linda P. Jeffrey, '77

C. Michael Lennen, '74

Lynn S. McCreary, '94

Patrik W. Neustrom, '77

Jerry E. Norton, '62

James D. Oliver, '75

Daniel L. Parker, '03

Joyce R. Simmons Rubenstein, '76

Edward B.*, '65, and Judith E. Soule

Fred Spigarelli, P.A.

Robert B. Stechert, '74

William R. Wood II, '86


dean's advisors - $5,000 - $9,999

Thomas A., '69, and Ann Adrian

Belin Foundation

Bill D., '75, and Claudia J. Berkley

Jeffrey P. DeGraffenreid, '92

Timothy S. and Samantha L. Durst

Fred E. Grundeman, '65

The Hon. William H. Helsper, '73

Paul R., '75, and Jeanne M. Hoferer

Robert S. Jones, '76

Richard J. Kastner, '85

Norman R. Kelly, '80

John A. Kober, '83

Scott K., '80, and Pam Logan

Sunee N. Mickle, '06

Edward J. Nazar, '78

Calvin D., '85, and Ann T., '85, Rider

Ryan E., '02, and Cailin M., '05, Ringelman

Jim, '75, and Linda L. Slattery

William L. Townsley III, '89

Thomas M. Warner Jr., '84

Kenneth W. Wasserman, '72

delmus hill fellows - $2,500 - $4,999

Anne L. Baker, '79

Lawrence M. Barnes Jr., '75

Bever Dye Foundation

Bever Dye, L.C.

Louis J. Caplan

Frank A. Carrano, '82

Eastern Kansas Oil and Gas Association, Inc.

The Hon. Jesse D. Euler, '65

The Hon. Bruce T. Gatterman, '78

Hite, Fanning and Honeyman, L.L.P.

Kansas Bar Foundation

Jeremy E., '19, and Audrey D., '19, Koehler

Robert L. Locke, '66

Jenifer L. Lucas, '75

Michael J. Manning, '69

The Hon. J. Thomas Marten, H'18, '76

Victoria L. Nilles, '98

Blanche C. Parks

Marjorie D. Petty, '90

Robert M. and Traci L. Reilly

Zackery E. Reynolds, '82

Prof. William and Kathleen F. Rich

LewJene M. Schneider, '92

Thomas R. Ruddy and Sharon E. Soule

Steven E. Soule

Denelle J. Waynick

president's club - $1,000 - $2,499

The Hon. Bryce, '83, and Jana J., '84, Abbott

Shari M. Albrecht, '84

Paul E. Artzer, '68

Scott G. Averill, '82

Timothy M. Aylward, '82

John C., '99, and Christina L., '99, Ball

Richard S. Beales and Judith Soltz

Jonathan T. Boulton, '00

The Hon. J. Patrick Brazil, H'14, '62

Mert F. Buckley, '77

Timothy J. Carkhuff, '79

Stephen W., '80, and Annette M. Cavanaugh

The Hon. Monique K. Centeno, '05

Tracey Samantha Chechele, '88

James W. Chipman, '94

Prof. John E. and Carol W. Christensen

Alan E. Cobb, '92

John M. Collins, '91

Carl D. Corvin, '90

Daryl V. Craft, '77

John R., '84, and Kristina D. Dietrick

Prof. Myrl L. Duncan

Mark A., '07, and Shanelle E., '07, Dupree

Dr. Mark P. and Nancy T. Elliott

Prof. Linda D. Elrod, '72

Michael S. Ertz, '94

Prof. Michelle Ewert

Anthony A. Fadale, '95

Lori A. Fink, '85

Betty and Gunther Fischer

Jack Focht, '60, and Gloria Farha Flentje

Daniel A. and Monica Foltz

Rosemary Foreman

Michael C. Germann, '76

W. Thomas, '84, and Patricia A., '83, Gilman

Arthur A. Glassman, '65

Natalie G. Haag, '85

Dr. Max M. Halley, '66

The Hon. Gwynne E. Harris Birzer, '92

Dr. Robert F. Hartsook, '79

Eric S., '96, and Amy E., '96, Heath

Donald F. Hoffman, '77

Chad L. Hooker, '93

Leigh C. Hudson, '75

Laura L. Ice, '84

Prof. Janet Thompson Jackson and J. Patrick Jackson

Prof. Jeffrey D., '92, and Brenda D. Jackson

Judy Y. Jenkins Hitchye, '07

Lynn R., '70, and Jacqueline L. Johnson

Craig H. Kaufman, '82

Daniel J., '18, and Dr. Alexandra Kirksey

Kurt F. Kluin, '82

Carl M. Koupal III, '09

John W. Lann, '74

Richard J. Lind, '83

Rex K. Linder, '74

James F. Long, '74

Ward E. Loyd, '68

Michael C. Manning, H'07, '77

James E. Martin, '73

Dr. Charles M. Masner, '82

Rande A. McAllister, '71

Joyce A. McCray Pearson, '89

Shannon L. Michaud

Patrick and Elisabeth Mikesic

Michael C. Moline, '73

Lawrence, '79, and Barbara Montague

David H. Moses, '79

Deletria L. Nash, '99

W. Edward Nichols, '71

Patricia Nobo

Kelly and Tyann Orton

Robert H. and Natasha V. Patterson

Larry J. Pitts, '86

Dean Carla D. Pratt

James P., '76, and Barbara W., '82, Rankin

Scott H., '02, and Amy S., '02, Raymond

David J. and Bernice Rebein

Sidney A. Reitz, '76

Dennis D. Rogers, '75

Lawrence R., '73, and Kay Y., '80, Rute

Susan S. Saidian, '88

Rosemary Saldan-Pawson, '83, and Kenneth R. Pawson

The Hon. Christopher D. Sanders, '90

The Hon. Edward P. Schneeberger, '73

Michael J., '07, and Katherine L., '07, Shultz

Duston J., '03, and Michelle L., '01, Slinkard

Lt. Col. Ronald C. Small, '90

Thomas Sneed and Whitney Bair-Sneed

William J. Spriggs, '64

Troy A. Stremming, '94

Roger D. Struble, '82

Donald T. Taylor, '87

David R. Tripp, '71

Gertrude E. Ueoka

C. Geraldine Umphenour, '86

Kimberly A. Vining, '05

The Hon. John L. Weingart, '77

Prof. Amy D. Westbrook

Clarence R. Wietharn, '70


cum laude - $500 - $999

Jodi M. Adolf, '02

Prof. Aida M. Alaka

Albert R., '78, and Denise E., '78, Bandy

Terry E. Beck, '75

Kevin S. Carver, '78

J. Randall, '80, and Barbara J., '80, Clinkscales

Frederick J. Dodds III, '74

Alan Dunaway, '10

The Hon. Thomas E. Foster, '78

Prof. John J. Francis

Ann Hastings Frigon, '80

Michael G. Glover, '79

Frederick W. Godderz, '69

Jeff Kennedy, '84, and Patricia A. Gorham, '77

Lewis D. Gregory, '83

V. Iyer, '02

Jack H. Kim, '95

Tammy S. King

Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Kyler G. Knobbe, '74

Thomas A. Loftus III, '80

Steven D. Mank, '86

Prof. Mary L. Matthews, '91

Tracey L. Matthews-Harrison, '90

Ray E. McGeorge, '77

Timothy E. McKee, '70

Larry R. Mears, '70

Marcos A. Mendoza, '89

Drs. Mary "Ginny" Moore, '96, and Gary Johnson

Brenton B. Moore, '76

Michael and Donna Oman

Stephen R. Page, '77

Carol M. Park, '06

Clarice J. Peters, '82

Valerie L. Peterson, '97

William E. and Dianna L. Porter

H. Wayne Powers Jr.*, '74

Richard B. Pugh, '05

James N. Reardon, '73

Elizabeth J. Shannahan Redmond, '81

The Hon. Cheryl Rios, '93

Robert L. Roberts, '61

Prof. David S. Rubenstein

Debi Schrock

Gregory A. Schwartz, '00

R. Douglas Sebelius, '76

William M. Spieler, '81

Kyle, '95, and Shelly Steadman, PhD

Gerald V., '82, and Kathleen A., '83, Tanner

Wayne R. Tate, '80

Jackie Thomas

Tittel Law Office

The Hon. James W. Van Amburg, '82

Mitchell L. Walter, '13

Dr. Howard N., '79, and Marilyn S. Ward

Sherri L. Wattenbarger

The Hon. Evelyn Wilson, '85

Roy H. Worthington III, '74

dean's honors - $250 - $499

William "Trey" A. Alford III, '99

Charles H. Apt III, '80

David M. Baer, '78

Prof. Rory D. Bahadur

Justin A. Barrett, '04

Collin K. and Linda K. Birdsey

The Hon. Paul L., H'04, '56, and Xernona C. Brady

The Hon. Mark S. Braun, '86

William E. Brewer, '82

The Hon. Joseph Bribiesca, '77

The Hon. Alison K. Brookins, '86

John J. Bryan, '68

David V. Buckley, '62

The Hon. Benjamin L. Burgess Jr., '72

Bonnie L. Campbell

Steven G. Cooper, '73

Malcolm L. Copeland, '80

Vincent M. Cox, '05

Terry C. Cupps, '82

Whitney B. Damron, '87

Reggie Davis, '00

Richard C. Dearth, '69

Maj. David J. Derochick, '14

The Hon. Dennis R. Dow, '78

The Hon. J. Charles Droege, '84

Thomas H. Duncan, '76

Robert D. Eggleston, '75

Judith Crane Elliott McCoy

Jackie L. Eyer

Henry J. and Ann H. Feinberg

William B. Follis, '13

Warren F. Frost, '87

The Hon. Kenneth G. Gale, '80

L. Stephen Garlow, '79

Alan C. Goering, '76

Tracy M. Gullickson, '04

Jay R., '07, and Danielle M., '09, Hall

Laura L. Hanna, '07

Ronald H. Harnden, '73

Michael W. Hastings, '87

Frederick J. Hess, '71

Patrick B., '94, and Stephany L., '97, Hughes

Gabrielle B. Ilaria, '15

Jamison Law, LLC

Kevin B. Johnson, '81

Ronald D. Jung, '87

Darren K. Kearns, '93

Robert E. Keeshan, '75

Janet Kroell Kerr, '87

Dennis D. Kirk, '75

Craig A. Kreiser, '80

Steven W. Kruse, '87

Eric J. Larson, '76

The Hon. Troy A. Larson, '09

Tad C. Layton, '03

Assoc. Dean Jalen Lowry, '87

Douglas K. Manion, '82

Mark D. Masters, '82

Assoc. Dean Joseph P. Mastrosimone and Gina Spade

The Hon. Joseph L. McCarville III, '77

James R. McEntire, '77, and Joann E. Corpstein, '88

Dee Ann McIntyre

Karl A. Menninger II, '75

Microsoft Corporation

The Hon. Kevin P. Moriarty, '79

Bruce A. Ney, '92

James P. Payne, '70

Kerri A. Pelton

Harry Joe Pratt, '84

Alan A. Pretnar, '82

Leslee Resseguie, '85, and Rick Sharp

Richard D. Ross, '75

The Hon. Douglas R. Roth, '78

Robert P., '77, and Nancy N., '77, Scherer

The Hon. Kim R. Schroeder, '82

Andrew U. Shull, '02

Carolyn R. Simpson, '97

Bill and Genita Smith

Richard E. Smith, '68

The Hon. Tom R. Smith, '70

Luke A. Sobba, '02

Jennifer R. Sourk, '05

Garnett Tate

Topeka Bar Association

Eric V. Turner, '11

Thomas A. Valentine, '69

Roger W. Warren, '88

Steve Williiams

Colin D. Wood, '00

Ronald P. Wood, '79

Deryl W. Wynn, '86

The Hon. Frank J. Yeoman Jr., '73



H = Honorary

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