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The First-Generation Student

Student reflections on impacts from the 150 Forward Focus campaign

Josh Scheck

By: Josh Scheck, sophomore, biology
From: 150 Forward Focus Fall 2017

My first year at Washburn has been one of the most difficult and challenging years of my life. I spent countless hours in Mabee Library studying for my classes on the nights I did not have to be at my job, Washburn Student Government Association meetings or events for my fraternity. 

Every event or group I was involved with during my first year made Washburn feel like my home. I was excited to come to my classes every morning and to come to the library every night to study with my friends until two in the morning. 

If it was not for the Ichabod Success Institute, I do not think I would have been as prepared for my freshmen year as I actually was. Having classes over the summer between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college really showed me the pace that college was really going to be like. In high school, I could get away with briefly studying at night for any class and be prepared for the next day, but because of the Ichabod Success Institute, I learned how to prioritize my time to studying for classes. Only looking at my notes for 20 minutes before a test or writing a paper in just a night was not going to cut it anymore. 

The Ichabod Success Institute also created a number of new friends and connections for me. The other students and the faculty I met during the summer were ones I spent a lot of time in the library with, and they were able to open a lot of doors for me that would not be possible if not for them. 

But none of this would be possible if it were not for all the scholarships that helped me go to Washburn. My parents are unable to help me pay for my college, so every expense like books and tuition that comes my way is something that I have to pay for. With the scholarships that I was able to obtain from Washburn, I am able to pay for all my books and tuition. 

Not having student loans or huge bills to pay for is a weight lifted off my shoulders a lot of people would only wish for. That is truly a blessing that I am thankful for every day.

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