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License Plate Form

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Apply for or Renew Your License Plate

Fill out the following fields
If you've already made a $50 donation to the university in the past 12 months and want to avoid making an additional $50 contribution, you must fill out this form. In turn, the Alumni Association will provide you with an Educational License Plate Certification Form to take/mail to your County Treasurer's office to obtain/renew your Ichabod license plate.
The following information must be complete for EACH vehicle for which you are purchasing or renewing a license plate.
If you are purchasing only ONE plate, then skip ahead to the payment section. If you are purchasing two or more plates, then fill out the rest of the information for EACH vehicle.
If you are purchasing only TWO plates, skip ahead and pay to make your online payment. If you are purchasing three or four plates, continue and fill out the information for each additional vehicle.
If you are purchasing only THREE plates, skip ahead to make your payment. If you are purchasing more than one plate, please continue and fill out the following information
Obtaining or renewing a Washburn license plate usually requires a $50 per plate annual contribution to the University. However, the Alumni Association is giving you the option of either making the payment or not. If you'd like to make the payment, we will gladly accept it. All money collected for license plates is deposited into our Alumni Scholarship Fund endowment and all proceeds are awarded to WU students in the form of scholarships. If you want to help our WU students by paying for your plate(s) thereby donating to the scholarship fund, we'd welcome your contribution. Donations may be considered tax deductible. Consult your tax preparer for confirmation. If you choose not to pay the fee, then simply type in 'WLP' as the passcode on the next page.

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