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Alumni Spotlight: Racheal Mastel, '09

Family law attorney named fellow of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

From Washburn Law Alumni Newsletter - Summer 2020

Racheal MastelThe American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers recently named Racheal Mastel, ’09, a fellow, making her one of only 20 AAML fellows in Nevada and one of the 1,650 in the United States. AAML fellows are generally recognized by judges and attorneys as the preeminent family law practitioners with a high level of knowledge, skill, and competence, and they enjoy a reputation for professionalism and integrity.

Mastel is one of three Washburn University School of Law graduates working at Kainen Law Group in Las Vegas. The others are her stepfather, Ed Kainen, ’88, senior and managing partner, and Andrew Kynaston, ’02, partner. Mastel, also a partner, spoke recently about her career, the fellowship, and her time at Washburn:

In what areas do you practice at Kainen Law Group and what do you enjoy about it?

Our firm does exclusively family law. Within our firm, I handle divorce and custody cases, child support, and temporary protective orders. Additionally, I handle all of our firm’s appellate cases. Although challenging, I enjoy knowing that the work I do can have a positive impact on children and their families as they work through some of their most troubling times and move forward towards better futures. I also really love practicing in the appellate court, as I find it to be intellectually stimulating and a different experience.

What does it mean to you to be named a fellow in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers?

My fellowship is an honor of which I am very proud. The organization has very high standards for its membership, and knowing that I have met them in my development and practice is very gratifying. My membership also provides me with continued and greater opportunities to further my skills as a practicing attorney, which I believe to be valuable.

What does your Washburn Law education mean to you? What are the most prominent memories from that time?

My Washburn Law education is the foundation of my success. I genuinely believe I would not have made the strides in my career that have allowed me to earn my fellowship if not for the education I received at Washburn. All of my most prominent memories revolve around the warm and supportive environment fostered at Washburn. From the friendships and support of my classmates, to the consideration and concern of my professors, the unique opportunities Washburn offered for success allowed me to learn and develop.

Tell us about Kainen Law Group’s connections to Washburn Law.

Our firm has three Washburn graduates, Andrew, myself and Ed Kainen, who is my not only my boss and our senior partner, but also my stepfather. It was at his encouragement that I applied to, and attended, Washburn. Ed was initially introduced to Andrew by Linda Elrod, (BA ’69, JD ’72, Richard S. Righter Distinguished Professor of Law) when Andrew was at Washburn. Andrew has been with Ed and our firm since he went into private practice. With the exception of my first year in private practice, when I wanted to explore how other firms worked in family law, I have worked with both Ed and Andrew for the rest of my law career. I really love being able to work with my stepdad and Andrew. Our firm is like a family, which I believe is a value all three of us learned from our experience at Washburn.

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