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Membership Rules


The YAC serves all young alumni, the Washburn Alumni Association, and Washburn University by:

  • Serving as ambassadors to the outside world
  • Actively representing and promoting the University and Alumni Association within their local communities
  • Educating current students and recent alumni about goals, purposes, projects, and services of the Washburn Alumni Association and the Young Alumni Program
  • Advocating for the interests of young alumni
  • Promoting the social, professional, philanthropic, and service interests of recent alumni
  • Seeking ideas for meaningful and impactful YA programming
  • Utilizing personal and professional connections to advance the interests of the YAC
  • Fostering relationships between Washburn University and young alumni
  • Cultivating active lifelong participation in and philanthropic support of Washburn University and the Washburn Alumni Association
  • Providing guidance and serving as a resource for current Washburn students
  • Utilizing knowledge of life beyond college to share with current students
  • Sharing the mission of the YAC and the Alumni Association with current students
Council Structure

The Council shall consist of a maximum of 25 members who have graduated from Washburn University or Washburn Institute of Technology in the preceding 10 years. An effort will be made to appoint YAC members who represent the diverse interests, backgrounds, and demographics of Washburn University young alumni.  An effort will also be made to have representation on the council from each graduating class within the young alumni demographic. Council members are to volunteer for projects on an ad hoc basis. The Council is facilitated by an Assistant Director of the Washburn Alumni Association.

Duties of Members

At the center of the Young Alumni Program at Washburn University are the alumni that serve on our Council. These volunteers serve as examples to all other young alumni and are the driving force of the Council's activities, while the Assistant Alumni Director helps coordinate their efforts. The success of the Council depends largely on the leadership and enthusiasm provided by the Council members. YAC member responsibilities include:

  • Devoting ample time and effort to participating in YAC meetings and events
  • Responding promptly to YAC communications such as emails and telephone messages
  • Actively planning and participating in Young Alumni Council activities throughout the year and special Homecoming activities
  • Supporting Washburn University Foundation giving campaigns by serving as campaign ambassadors
  • Representing the University and Alumni Association in student recruitment events
  • Actively working to engage and recruit young alumni for open YAC positions and general YAC activities
  • Being a dues paid member of the Washburn Alumni Association

The Young Alumni Council is a volunteer advisory board. This is an initiative designed to better engage and serve Washburn University’s most recent graduates. The Council seeks to better serve and support recent graduates with programming and communications that are uniquely tailored to the young alumni demographic. The Council seeks to foster and sustain the active involvement of young alumni in the support of Washburn University and the Washburn Alumni Association. The Council will also act to shepherd the development of volunteers and future leaders in ways that deepen their commitment to the University and prepare them for active roles in future alumni service. The Council acts as a voice for young alumni concerns to the Alumni Office and the University.

Meetings and Communication

The Young Alumni Council will meet at least once per semester. A majority of YAC business will be conducted through teleconferencing and e-mail. YAC members are expected to participate in conference calls, e-mail threads, and semesterly in person meetings to accomplish the Council’s objectives.

Term of Office

Council members serve a term of four years and may apply for reappointment to an additional four-year period at the expiration of their first term, alongside other applicants. If their eligibility on the Council expires before the four years is up, that will be considered the end of their term.

Eligibility and Appointment

Every person who has earned a degree from Washburn University or Washburn Institute of Technology within the past 10 years is eligible for participation on the Council. Council members will be selected based upon their abilities, commitment to Washburn University, and potential for advancing the Council. All prospective council members must submit a complete application to the Washburn Alumni Association for consideration. Upon receipt, a committee consisting of current YAC members and Washburn Alumni Association officials will review the application and notify the applicant of their decision. If selected, new members will be interviewed and will receive a YAC orientation. The Washburn Alumni Association seeks Young Alumni Council members who are passionate about working to optimize the post-graduate experience for all young alumni, regardless of their involvement as students, or their current engagement with the University. Appointment to the Council is ongoing, based on council availability.


Removal from the Council is at the discretion of the Washburn Alumni Association.

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