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Instructions for Giving Publicly Traded Stock Shares to Washburn 

The most common method of delivery of marketable securities is an electronic transfer through Depository Trust Company.

Any DTC-eligible securities can be transferred electronically to the Washburn University Foundation, Federal tax I.D. # 48-6105561, through US Bancorp

US Bancorp
DTC Clearing #0280
For Credit: Account #25387236
In the name of: Washburn University Foundation

It is important that you notify Washburn University Foundation before making a gift of DTC-eligible securities. Without this notice, your gift may be transferred to Washburn University Foundation without our knowledge of your identity. This makes it difficult to provide you with proper credit, proper usage of your funds and timely acknowledgement for your gift.

To notify us either complete the form on this page or contact us at or 785.670.4483. Additional instructions and information can be found here.


Notice of Stock Gift Information

Completing the form below does NOT transfer your stocks. It does provide Washburn University Foundation with the necessary information to ensure we process your gift appropriately when it arrives. Thank you again for your support through this gift!
I/We hereby express our intent of transferring shares to the Washburn University Foundation*, Topeka, KS (Tax ID #48-6105561) from my/our brokerage firm.
*Washburn University of Topeka has formally delegated the authority to receive gifts on its behalf to the Washburn University Foundation

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1729 MacVicar Avenue
Topeka, KS 66604 Phone: 785.670.4483