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Washburn is about giving a world-class education to every person who is willing to work for it, regardless of field or finances. Scholarships can be the game-changer in a student’s ability to pursue a higher education. Scholarships attract talent. They reward academic excellence. They support student-athletes. They provide opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom. In 2018-19, more than $4.5 million in privately funded scholarships were awarded to 1,784 students.

Scholarships have had an exceptional impact on many students' lives. Just ask Brady Skeens, a student-athlete  who followed in his mother's footsteps by coming to Washburn or Hunter Bentley who had the opportunity to play basketball overseas while she was a student. Danica Plante grew up in rural Kansas, moved to Topeka to study at Washburn, but has every wish to return to her rural roots and help her community.

Because of scholarships and awards, Washburn University is also able to reward students who excel beyond the classroom. Take for example, Kennedy White, Conner England, and Mark Feuerborn, who became world champions in the 2016 Network of International Business Schools Worldwide Business Plan Competition. 

These stories, along with many others, encompass why students are our greatest investment. 




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