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Ways to Give to Washburn University

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the options below. View our IRS Exemption Letter.

Cash, check or credit card: The simplest way to give is an outright gift of cash. Give online, mail us a check or drop by our office.

Matching Gifts: Many corporations match their employees’ gifts to Washburn University with an equal or greater corporate contribution. Information on matching gifts is usually available through a company human resource department. See if your gift qualifies.

Gifts of Securities (Stocks): If making a stock gift, visit this page to learn more and fill out the Notice of Stock Gift Information form for faster processing. Gifts of appreciated stocks or bonds entitle a contributor to two income tax benefits: avoidance of capital gains and the use of the security’s fair market value on the date of the gift for income tax charitable deduction.

Wire Transfers: To transmit gifts to the Washburn University Foundation, please contact us

Bequest: A bequest is frequently utilized to express your specific philanthropic wishes. A bequest can include a specific dollar amount, a percentage of estate or a specific asset.

Washburn University Charitable Gift Fund: Simplify your charitable giving with a donor advised fund. Creation of a donor advised fund through the Washburn University Charitable Gift Fund may qualify you for immediate tax deductions and enables you to direct grants to Washburn University Foundation or any other charity when you are ready.

Donor Advised Funds: Do you have a donor advised fund? You could be using it to decrease your taxable income and support Washburn University at the same time. Learn more about it’s benefits.

Gifts of Life Insurance: Individual life insurance policies, either new or no longer needed, may be transferred to Washburn University Foundation. The Foundation may then become the owner and beneficiary to receive an income tax deduction or the Foundation may simply be named as a beneficiary of a policy.

Gifts in Kind: Works of art, rare books, equipment and furnishings that further the mission of Washburn University may be donated with approval. The allowable deduction for a gift of such property depends upon its related use and appraised value.

Trust: A trust is an arrangement where property is held by a trustee for the benefit of another. The trustee holds legal title to the property and the beneficiary is the institution who is benefited. There are a variety of trust types: irrevocable trust, revocable trust, living trust, and testamentary trust.

Gifts of Real Estate: You may donate a residence, farmland or other real estate to Washburn University Foundation. Gifts of real estate may offer considerable tax savings. The gift can be made immediately available to the university or you may wish to donate the property but retain use of it for your lifetime.

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