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About Us

Our Vision

Washburn University Foundation will be recognized as a model for excellence in advancement for its fundraising, alumni relations, and service supporting Washburn University in its pursuit to sustain and enrich its legacy as a university of choice. 

Our Mission

Washburn University Foundation is committed to continuously building a community of support further strengthening Washburn University and enhancing the educational opportunities and experiences of our students. We build lifelong connections and partnerships with alumni and friends, and secure, invest and steward private financial support.

Working collaboratively with Washburn University, the Washburn University Foundation, as the designated alumni relations, fundraising, and gift-stewardship organization for Washburn University, is committed to leading and coordinating the efforts to expand the University’s base of volunteer support and engagement and private financial support by:

  • Enhancing the University’s long-term relationships with alumni, friends and community partners,
  • Connecting alumni and friends with the Washburn Community of students, faculty and alumni to support key initiatives and enhance Washburn's reputation,
  • Expanding the University’s donor base by raising awareness of the substantive impact and value of private support,
  • Recruiting and retaining high-quality, expert and committed volunteers and board members to work to advance the mission and vision of the University.
  • Conducting university fundraising campaigns and programs focusing on key priority needs and goals,
  • Investing and stewarding the endowment and all gift funds to best ensure a sustainable, growing level of support for the University,
  • Maintaining high standards of donor stewardship for all donors to Washburn University, and
  • Providing high-quality, centralized advancement support services necessary to create, coordinate and sustain a robust culture of engagement and philanthropy.

Our Core Values

We are a donor-centric organization that takes a long-term view of relationships with donors, prospective donors and others with whom we collaborate and work. We are committed to excellence, professionalism and meeting the needs of those we serve. We recognize staff members are essential to fulfilling our mission, and we are committed to hiring, motivating and developing our staff to best serve Washburn University and achieve success.

We have total commitment to the following values statements. These values shape the way we do business with those we serve and with our staff members as we pursue our vision and fulfill our mission.

Integrity: We are committed to integrity in all aspects of our business. We recognize the importance and value of demonstrating honesty to preserve confidence and credibility and adhere to the highest ethical standards. We seek to earn the trust of those we serve in all interactions and aspects of the services we provide.

Respect: We are committed to treating all individuals with respect by showing truthfulness, courtesy, openness, respect and professional regard in all interactions. We strive to set an example of service and leadership.

Accountability: We are committed to being held accountable for all activities in which we engage. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations and ensure open and transparent fiscal reporting in adherence with associated policy. We uphold the highest standards of accountability.

Stewardship: We are committed to careful and responsible management of all gifts and thoughtful and planned recognition and acknowledgment of donors who have entrusted us to administer their gifts for the betterment of the Washburn community. Our donors are partners in achieving common goals and, as such, each staff member adheres to the principles of the Donor Bill of Rights in all activities.

Fostering a Community of Belonging: We will strive to be a welcoming and equitable organization where our staff, donors, alumni, and campus partners with different backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, and experiences can feel a deep sense of belonging to the Washburn alumni and donor community.  It is our continuing promise to build an environment that leverages the unique talents and strengths of the entire Washburn community to achieve greater engagement, satisfaction, productivity, and innovation.

Responsiveness: We are committed to providing interactions and services that respond to the needs of those we serve and continually seek opportunities for enhancement. We respond to inquiries in an effective and timely manner. We depend upon and welcome suggestions and input from donors and volunteers to improve performance and strengthen partnerships.

Collaboration and Teamwork: We believe our organization is enhanced when we support each other and those we serve. We strive to be team players and believe collaborating with colleagues leads to superior solutions, greater creativity, improved coordination and ultimately enhanced performance and outcomes.

Continuous Improvement: We are committed to a continual focus on identifying opportunities to enhance our processes, activities and services internally and externally. We believe this approach results in increased customer satisfaction, improved performance, more efficient use of resources and higher quality of service.

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