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Governance and Bylaws

The Washburn University Alumni Association and Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised of some of Washburn’s most talented and respected alumni and friends. Trustees represent the University and the Foundation to others by serving as ambassadors, building enthusiasm for the University and its programs, encouraging contributions and recruiting and electing new trustees and board members, advisers and supporters.

The Washburn University Alumni Association and Foundation Board of Directors is responsible for the implementation of the strategic mission of the Foundation and for the oversight and establishment of policies to carry the Foundation into the future. Directors serve four-year terms upon being nominated and elected by the Board of Trustees to serve.

In addition to the trustees and directors, the Alumni Association Board consists of 16 alumni who serve four-year terms with a maximum tenure of eight years.

These three groups demonstrate a strong belief and commitment to Washburn University’s mission, goals and priorities and the Washburn University Alumni Association and Foundation's mission. These individuals are enthusiastic advocates for the University, its schools, colleges and units.


Bylaws and Policies

(adopted 6/16/06; last revised 04/30/22)

Donor Intent Policy
(adopted 4/19/08; revised 04/27/18)

Gift Policies and Guidelines
(adopted 4/24/04; revised 02/04/22)

Investment Policy
(adopted 10/28/16)

Short-Term Investment Policy
(adopted 4/24/20)

Privacy Policy
(adopted 4/19/08; revised 10/12/18)

Spending Policy
(adopted 1/09; last revised 2/2/24)

WU Foundation/WU MOU
(adopted 10/27/06)

WU Foundation/Law School Foundation MOU
(adopted 4/19/08)

WU Foundation/Sunflower Music Festival MOU
(adopted 2/08/08)


The Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center

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