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Data Resources

From sending campus donor reports to providing contact lists, the Alumni Association and Foundation data team can assist you with your needs of alumni and donor information. 

Keeping alumni and donor information confidential is a top priority of the Alumni Association and Foundation. Please note our Privacy Policy.

Request Address and Phone Lists - contact Jack Williamson at or x1803. 

Campus Partner Reports - Reports of donations from the previous month are sent to schools and departments around the 15th of each month. For questions about the campus partner reports, contact Jack Williamson at or x1803. 

Profile Updates for Alumni - If you're in contact with alumni who tell you about a move, job changes, awards or other accomplishments, please report the news to us so we can update our database. Submit any profile updates on alumni or donors to or x1803. 

Receive Gifts - If your department has received gifts that need to be sent over to the Foundation, please fill out the Gift Transmittal Form


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