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Frequently Asked Questions

My diploma was lost or damaged. How can I replace it?

You can replace your diploma by filling out this form. Replacing a diploma costs $30 and takes about two months to process.

How can I request my Washburn University transcripts?

Washburn University students and former students can request a transcript through the Student One Stop. You'll need to fill out the form and submit it online to the office. You can also pick up a form at the Student One Stop office on campus in Morgan Hall.

I was in a fraternity or sorority while at Washburn. How can I learn more information about my organization?

Fraternities and sororities at Washburn enable students to establish strong friendships that last for years after college. The Greeks at the university play a significant role on campus and in the community. Learn about Washburn Greek life here.

I know Washburn University has a storied history. How can I learn more about its past?

Our university was founded in 1865 by members of the Congregational Church on the principle that all people – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or family income – have the right to earn an education. A gift from Massachusetts industrialist Ichabod Washburn helped the fledgling institution in its early years, and officials eventually renamed the college Washburn College. The athletics teams were eventually known as the Ichabods. Washburn College trustees adopted the school’s family coat of arms as the official crest in 1917. The original coat of arms is traced to the 11th century battlefield knighting of Sir Roger Washbourne by William the Conquerer. The official crest includes a yellow motto pennant, red flame, silver field of arms and six purple birds on a light blue field. The motto, purificatus non consumptus, translates to “purified, but not consumed.”

Learn more about Washburn University history here and the history of Ichabod Washburn, the namesake of the University and mascot here.

Where can I learn more about notable Washburn alumni?

Ichabod Notables, a series of booklets featuring Washburn alumni, was published during the school’s sesquicentennial celebration. Read about those alumni here.

What are the lyrics to the Washburn University fight song and alma mater?

Fight song

“For Washburn and Her Team”

The name of Washburn shall never fall,
Midst the great and small, she's the best of all;
For her fair name,
Then, we'll win the game,
And add another victor's crown
So then, we'll smash, crash against the line
"As in Auld Lang Syne,"
Crush them down,
So Cheer now, yes, cheer, cheer, cheer
Just for Washburn and her team

Listen to the fight song.

Alma mater

A song of our prairies wide,
A song of breezes strong,
A song of our pride, the true and the tried,
Of our college dear, a song.

Washburn, Washburn, we love thee well,
Ours is the joy thy praise to swell;
With voices free we'll sing of thee
And ever thy praise we'll tell.

'Tis not for thy hoarded light,
'Tis not for thy stately halls, But 'tis for the right, 
the sword of might,
Thy sons obey thy calls.

(repeat chorus)

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