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Washburn University Charitable Gift Fund

Simplify your charitable giving with a donor advised fund. Creation of a donor advised fund through the Washburn University Charitable Gift Fund may qualify you for immediate tax deductions and enables you to direct grants to Washburn University Foundation or any other charity when you are ready.


What is a donor advised fund?

It’s like a charitable savings account. You get to choose who to make grants to throughout your life and afterward. All the while supporting the efforts of Washburn and the charities you choose.


What are my options?

With the Washburn University Charitable Gift Fund, you have two options –

1. A current gift donor advised fund

- You make a minimum initial irrevocable gift of $50,000 in cash, securities or other property
- Your donation becomes part of WUCGF investments
- You have the ability to make quarterly grants to your charity of choice!

2. A testamentary charitable gift fund

- Pass-thru estate gift
- Limited-term estate gift
- Combination of the two

You can also create a lasting legacy by naming Washburn University Foundation the beneficiary of the entire account or a percentage of the fund. With a percentage, you can create a family legacy of giving by naming your loved ones as your successor to continue recommending grants to charitable organizations. 


Want to learn more?

Read more about why Washburn is excited to offer the charitable gift fund as an option for donors.

Call us at 785.670.4483 or send us an email to speak with Erin Aldridge, director of gift planning and development. She will be happy to help you establish a donor advised fund through the Washburn University Charitable Gift Fund.  

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