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Kansas Heritage Foundation provides aid for business students

From Foundation Focus - Summer 2018

Not every business owner starts out with an educational background in business as many entrepreneurs earn a degree in something else and launch a business later in their career.

With this in mind, the Kansas Heritage Foundation recently made two gifts to the Washburn University School of Business - a $100,000 gift to the Entrepreneurial Certificate Program Fund and a $20,000 gift to the International Business Experience Scholarship Fund - with hopes to increase students’ exposure to business education.

The Kansas Heritage Foundation is a private organization based in Topeka that supports a range of local charitable purposes. Established in 1999 by Gerald Wittmer, bba ’61, ba ’95, it provided financial assistance to international students attending various colleges and universities in the United States, including Washburn University. Now, Clint Whitney, ba ’92, jd ’97, serves as president.

“It takes a lot of creativity and courage to start your own business,” said Whitney. “We wanted to help support students as they pursue that goal.”

Students studying any major at Washburn can complete the entrepreneurial certificate program, gaining the knowledge and experience they may need to start their own business later on.

“Hopefully, our gift will allow the program to expand and continue reaching a wide range of students,” said Whitney. “This type of program can provide a broad base of skills for students who might not specialize in business.”

Additionally, the Kansas Heritage Foundation chose to support the International Business Scholarship Fund, which provides assistance in the form of scholarships to students participating in study abroad programs through the school
of business.

“Traveling and study abroad can be a tremendous growth experience,” said Whitney. “It is a very positive thing to visit other countries and cultures, and hopefully more students can have that experience with the help of this gift.”

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